How We Utilize Encryption to Protect You

Many online services will tell you that they encrypt your data in-transit and at rest, what they fail to mention is that they own the keys and can decrypt and share your information with advertisers and data brokers. At Inscrutable Apps, you own the keys and choose with whom you wish to share your data. We cannot access your data, in its decrypted state, as we do not have the keys.

Asymmetric Encryption

Asymmetric cryptography, at its most simple, is where two users have given each other a lock that they only have the key to unlock. This allows you to lock your shared data with a key that only the intended user can access with their unique, private key. We utilize this same technique to enable you to share your data with only your intended audience, so when you share your location information with your family, friends, or group, only they have access.

Advanced Encryption Standard

We utilize Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), a symmetric-key algorithm, to encrypt your stored data. Our use of AES is secured with your personal, private key, making your data inaccessible to attackers.