Cycle Track

Cycle Track

Simple, Secure, Private, menstrual cycle tracking.

Log menstrual cycle information to get period and fertility predictions.

No Cloud, No Ads, No Subscriptions, No In-App Purchases

Cycle Track does not sync to the cloud and does not contain ads.

Privacy First

Most apps sync your data to the cloud where it can be shared with advertisers to target you. Cycle Track does not store data in the cloud and cannot share your data, ensuring that it is safe from a wide variety of attackers. Check our Privacy Policy for the details.

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Using Cycle Track

Initial Setup

Initial Setup

When you first launch Cycle Track, you will be prompted to enter an initial password. Your password will be used to create the initial encryption key that secures your data. This key is unique to you and your devices and is never shared.

Note: You will be prompted to enter your password each time you access the locked Cycle Track app. When the application is in a locked state, your data is encrypted and cannot be viewed in its decrypted state.

Password Requirements: You must enter at least 8 characters.

Stats View

Once you’ve created your password and unlocked Cycle Track, the Stats view will be displayed. This is the view that contains all pertinent data, such as:

  • Predicted Period Dates
  • Predicted Fertility Window
  • Personal and Physician Notes

Optional Items:

  • Cycle Dates
  • Detailed Cycle Predictions

Entering Historical Data

Enter historical data to get current menstrual cycle and fertility predictions.

To add period date ranges, press and hold the Log Period button and a date selection widget will appear, allowing you to select the entire start to stop date range at once. Once you’ve selected the correct dates, touch Save in the top right hand corner.

Note: If you add the oldest dates first, Cycle Track will begin making predictions, speeding the data entry process.

Viewing Data

After entering historical menstrual cycle data, Cycle Track will display the dates entered in a list under Cycle Dates. These are the only dates considered when making period and fertility predictions.

Note: Cycle Dates display, and date range, can be disabled and adjusted in Settings.

Using Cycle Track

Logging Period Start

To log the start of a period, touch the Log Period button and select the correct date. By default, the current date is selected.

Touch OK to save your selection.

Logging Period Stop

To log the end of a period, touch the Log Period button and select the date. By default, the current date is selected.

Touch OK to save your selection. After saving the Cycle Track timeline will display your updated period and fertility windows.


Cycle Track contains many settings allowing you to customize the app to meet your needs.

To get more detail about how a setting impacts Cycle Track, touch the setting text and additional help text is displayed.


Cycle Track does not enable notifications by default. You will be prompted to allow notifications when enabling period and fertility notifications.

Note: Notifications are displayed 72 and 24 hours in advance.

Importing & Exporting Data

Cycle Track offers a data import & export feature. If you are switching devices, you can export your secure, encrypted database and import it into your new device.

Secure Notes


Cycle Track supports storing secure, encrypted notes.

Each note is associated with the date selected when the note is entered. A small indicator will be displayed on any date that contains a note. You can quickly see which dates contain notes by swiping left or right through the Cycle Track timeline.

To add a note, simply touch +Add on the Personal or Physician note button. Once a note exists, you can use the same button to add to or edit existing notes.

Notes List

To view all notes, touch Notes on the navigation bar at the bottom of the app. This will list all notes in the app for the selected date range. To change the date range for the notes displayed, touch the calendar icon and choose the appropriate date range.

Touching the corresponding icon at the bottom of the list page will hide or show that specific note type.

Note Editing

Notes are automatically saved when editing. You can perform a final save and exit the note editing screen by touching the Save button.

About Cycle Track


The Cycle Track timeline displays color indicators, making it easy to check your period and fertile windows at a glance.

Indicates when your period is predicted to occur.

Indicates the extended, early or late, period prediction window.

Indicates a predicted fertility window.

Indicates days that you’ve logged a secure note.

Period Prediction

Period predictions are based on data that you’ve logged about your previous periods and cycle length. Cycle Track also offers extended, early or late, insights into your period window.

Notifications can be enabled in Settings for your standard period window, as well as early notifications, based on your previous cycle length.

Fertility Prediction

The fertile window will be the days you’re most likely to be fertile, based on data that you’ve logged about your period.

Fertile window notifications can be enabled in Settings.

The fertile window prediction is based on a traditional calendar method.

Note: Cycle Track should not be used as a form of birth control.


Inactivity Lock

When not in use, Cycle Track will automatically lock the app, securing your information.

The default timeouts are:

  • 60 Seconds when Cycle Track is in focus
  • 30 Seconds when Cycle Track is not in focus and the privacy screen is displayed

Privacy Screen

A privacy screen is displayed when Cycle Track is not in focus. This prevents users from inadvertently revealing their information to others as they switch between apps.


Your personal information is yours and yours alone. Your Cycle Track data is stored using a combination of AES symmetric and RSA asymmetric encryption. This prevents others from accessing your personal information without your express consent.

Click here to read more about cryptography and how Inscrutable Apps utilize encryption to protect you.